Data Adventures I like to do stuff with data

Too Many

Years of Excel 😭


I sometimes hustle with data, making PowerBI reports, scripts that fetch data, develop databases and backends for my many ideas

My public projects can be found on this page - scroll down for more


I just really like making sense of data and making data look pretty ❤️

I also like to make things that are useful for others - but also things that are a bit silly


T-SQL, PowerBI, Python, R and C#

At work I sold my soul to Microsoft meaning that I work with Azure Synapse, Data Lake, Data Factory, SSIS, VBA, Excel


I really think that Snowflake, DataBricks, SurrealDB and whatever technology Fireship presents is quite interesting and I might try to pick it up in the future

  • My GitHub account

    What is currently public?

    PowerBI Report - Fremragende Forretningsidéer
    PowerBI Report - Beer Advent Calendar
    An assorted mix of data engineering scripts

    What is currently not public, but can be seen if asked nicely?

    Discord Bot hosted on a RaspberryPi with a database for certain features
    Visualizations and dashboards in MatPlotLib and GGPlot for the above Discord Bot

    What is currently in the works?

    PowerBI Report - Untappd
    PowerBI Report - Baby Poop tracker

Fremragende Barometer A collection of dashboards for my podcast

Report is in danish


Excel, PowerBI

Beer Advent Calendar 2022 Who buys the best beer?

Report is in danish

My friends and I made a beer advent calendar for christmas and these are our ratings #Me, #Akkedakke, #BeerSchytte and #faerch24


Excel, PowerBI, Python (Webscraping)