Code Adventures Sometimes I also dabble in real stuff


Public available Git repositories


I just really like doing a lot of different things, and challenging myself at new tools.

Also my data ideas usually need a frontend


How would I get a high salary otherwise?

I enjoy doing unnecessary complicated "smart" home upgrades


C# (Blazor), Python, Powershell, Javascript/TypeScript 😭

I'm mainly a data guy, so usually I know how to setup a proper database and then I try to do whatever on top


I'm by no means good at the above tools - so I guess I should become better. Also people like rust and I'm pretty decent at Magic the Gathering

  • My GitHub account

    What is currently public?

    Some snippets of scripts I use for data engineering

    What is currently not public, but can be seen if asked nicely?

    Discord Bot hosted on a RaspberryPi with a database for certain features
    Logic model for my julebarometer webpage
    The pasta behind this website

    What is currently in the works?

    I'm thinking about adding some more code snippets I use to make life more simple working with PowerBI
    Stuff will be added to my GitHub account