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I like playing boardgames

Boardgames are pretty cool - I have a decently sized collection and I enjoy going to boardgame cafés

Especially with good friends and cold beers

Could be cool to make some myself

What should be somewhat clear for the user that has been scrolling through this website, I tend to get loads of weird ideas

Some of these can be combined with my passion for boardgames and thus I like to create boardgame prototypes to test the ideas

Drinking games

My creative side really unfolded in high school - a time in my life filled with drinking. So if anyone needs any ideas for brutal drinking games, I'm your guy

Embozzlement An auctioning game about bartenders trying to make the best drinks

Everything is WIP


Auctioning, Push-your-luck


Insert picture

Add detailed explanation

Add Print'n'Play version

Actually finish the prototype

Decide on a new name

Can't wait or wanna help?

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